Microsoft Edge 85 gives solid competition to Google Chrome with some brilliant new features

Microsoft Edge 85 is gaining popularity with each passing day, and now it is on the 2nd rank, following Google’s Chrome browser. Both Edge and Chrome are based on the Chromium engine, so they have their fair share of similarities, but some new amazing features give an ‘edge’ to Edge 85 over Chrome, especially making it more preferable by people who are looking to switch from Chrome due to privacy and security concerns.

The new features that Edge 85 has added are focusing more to facilitate people who work and study from home and help them adapt to the changes that came in their routines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The first feature that is already extremely popular and useful is the ‘Collections send to OneNote.’ Through this feature, users can collect, share, organize, and send their collection of contents from the internet to OneNote, Word, or Excel. This is a very handy tool and lets the users enjoy collecting and organizing content from the web in an effective manner. According to Microsoft’s blog post, this feature is available for iOS and Android both, and it can be synced across different devices.

Another important update that has recently been added is for businesses. On Edge 85, a user can now synchronize browser favorites and settings between Active Directory profiles within their environment without cloud sync too. Business administrators can add trusted to launch sites and apps through Group Policy Support without confirmation prompts.

Edge 85 also packs a family safety app that has been recently launched. This app has features that allow you to receive activity reports about sites that kids visit and search queries that they enter. In short, parents can have some control over the content that their kids browse. InPrivate browsing is blocked for kids in Edge 85 so that parents are aware of their kids’ online activities.

For students and people working from home, Edge 85 has added highlight and screen reader support in its built-in PDF reader, along with some privacy controls, a ‘Read Aloud’ feature in PDFs, improvements in ‘Collections,’ and improvements in the ability to manage pop-up notifications from sites.

It seems that Microsoft has really upped its game through all these improvisations. Maybe now, users will be more inclined towards Edge 85 rather than Chrome for more privacy and security with more business-focusing features to their browsing experience.

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