Google’s Area 120 Creates Online Events App for Creators

Google has created a lot of opportunities that a number of creators have used to try and earn a little bit of money here and there. While YouTube in particular has had more than its fair share of problems, most of the time these problems are the result of the sheer scale at which the platform is trying to operate at any given point in time.

Area 120, Google’s internal incubator that it uses to create startups under its own umbrella, has just created a new kind of app that would prove to be highly useful for the vast majority of content creators. This app is being referred to as Fundo and it essentially allows creators to host meet and greets as well as workshops along with all other kinds of live events that can occur online and makes the process much easier for them than might have been the case otherwise.

The great thing is that the content creators that would end up eventually hosting all of these events are usually going to have quite a bit of control over the kinds of events they eventually end up hosting. Ticket prices in particular are going to be under the control of the hosts themselves. There is no minimum ticket price put in place and hosts can potentially even end up offering their fans and followers online events that they can come to for free.

The benefit of Fundo is ostensibly that the app is going to handle all of the logistics for the creator or host. This means less work for the person hosting as well as an increased and added revenue source for creators. This is a very new app, though, and there is a chance that it simply won’t be able to take off. It also has a number of similar apps that it would need to compete with, although the demand for such apps is currently higher than ever before.

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