Google is rolling out some more listing options for in-store purchases that can help shoppers search for things with more ease while avoiding unnecessary exposure

A few months ago, Google added new listings on local store searches which included options like ‘curb-side pick-up,’ ‘in-store pick-up,’ and some other delivery options. This was all done because the world was locked down and social distancing measures were being implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic. As people could not go out for shopping, the trend of eCommerce and online shopping saw a great spike, and this had a major impact on retail outlets.

Although many of these restrictions have started to lift in different regions of the world and people are trying to get back to their normal lives before COVID-19, but even now, the majority of people are still reluctant to go out to shop in fear of getting exposed. But there are some things for which you have to step out and visit a shop physically. So, for such items, and general shopping also, Google is now rolling out some more listing options to its ‘Shopping’ tab to make shopping easier, while helping the searchers with information about the opening and closing times, and some other delivery options. Searchers who are looking for specific items will also be able to find stores closest to them that have those items that they are looking for. This will make the overall shopping experience much quicker and more efficient than ever before.

All of this information is synced with the information on ‘Google My Business Profile.’ The information about the availability of different products comes from the ‘Google Merchant Center.’ So, if you are a shop/business owner, make sure that you keep updating your business profiles so that whenever someone searches for something, your shop appears in their search results if you are close to them.

The closeness of a shop will be visible through the latest listing option on Google’s ‘Shopping’ tab now, where a new filter will be available for users. This filter is labeled as ‘Nearby,’ and it will provide all the product options available in the stores nearest to the searcher. It will also provide information on whether the searched products will be available for ‘same-day’ pick up or not?

Adding more detail to the ‘Nearby’ filter, Google says that with new listing options, apart from finding a business’s opening and closing hours, the shop’s distance from their place, shoppers will also be able to get a preview of the items being sold by those shops with a carousel that they can scroll through to see pictures, prices, and other information about those available products.

Previously also, Google used to provide a lot of information in different forms, but this time, it is like everything will be simplified, assembled on a single page, with more relevant details about shops and products. This is going to improve the entire product and shopping search and discovery process especially with the ‘click to call’ option present on every business page.

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