Google Is Developing A Feature For Maps That Would Overlay Areas With The Coronavirus Outbreak Information

During the pandemic, Google has been working to provide useful information to people via some of the company’s most popular products. The company has been placing COVID-19 reminders and warnings in many of Google’s services, and you cannot use a Google product without being reminded to take necessary precautions such as wearing a mask. The company has even added several tips to Google Maps, including where to get takeout during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it seems that you might soon be able to Maps to your coronavirus tracing applications. The company is now reportedly working to add a new layer in the Google Maps app that will provide important COVID-19 outbreak information to users.

The company is soon going to add a new layer in Maps which shows where coronavirus outbreak are at their worst, according to Jane Manchun Wong. Wong is a coder famous for reverse engineering applications to uncover new features and tools before they are announced. The new discovery regarding Google Maps was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong who posted screenshots on Twitter showcasing this feature. The feature will be available from the ‘Map Detail’ section of the app, and you can access that section by clicking on a white circle with a square overtop another square in the right corner of the Google Maps app on your smartphone. It is noteworthy that the company has not yet rolled out the new feature.

Users can also access other map options from this menu including Satellite and Terrain, and map details such as Traffics, Street View, and Transport. The new feature displays the number of COVID-19 outbreaks in a specific US state and country. The data also indicates whether COVID-19 cases are increasing or decreasing in that region. According to Jane Manchun Wong, when the ‘COVID-19 info’ feature is enabled in Google Maps, a pop-up explains the information and where it comes from. Numbers shown over various areas display the 7-day average of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 individuals. Google Maps sources data from Johns Hopkins University, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, The NY Times, and Wikipedia.

According to the screenshots, it seems that the feature works internationally, with the United States displaying COVID-19 cases at a state level. Although it is not yet clear if or when the company will roll out the COVID-19 info feature, it will likely be helpful for those who have to travel. Of course, we should avoid traveling if possible, and minimize contact with people to stop the spread of the virus.

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