Google Has Finally Announced the Change in the Billing Policies of Play Store Apps

On 28 September, Google officially declared that they will put a ban on in-app purchases if the app owners failed to pay their cut. Google apps have been providing in-app purchases since years now, and certain developers rarely use Google’s billing system.

So far Google has always impressed people by bringing new updates every now and then, but this recent announcement disappointed some developers and users. As they believe that if Google (like apple) will ask apps for money the products sold by those apps will become expensive, as the company's cost will increase so will the prices of the products.

Google will also change its policies regarding the purchases made in the apps. Although these policies were there before but Google never really implemented these policies. The public was very upset as alongside the coronavirus pandemic now they also had to worry about this. The developers complained that they already had faced a big amount of losses due to the pandemic, and now had to bare another expense. After a lot of complaints, Google decided to give one year to the developers so that they could align their strategy. This long deadline somewhat satisfied the users. Google even allowed some apps which were badly affected by the pandemic to opt-out of Google's payment system until a year.

Google also changed the payment system for in-app purchases, so that Google can easily figure out the amount of commission they have to charge from each app. This policy is only for those who are not currently using Google play in-app billing and as per Google, this new policy will not affect a lot of developers as 97% of them are already using Google play in-app billing for taking payments from its users. Google even decided to update Android 12 in a way that it becomes easier for users to install and use third-party app stores as an alternative to Google Play.

Google still proved to be better option than iOS as it did not stop the conversation amongst the customers and the developers which Apple did. Google even stated that they have allowed the developers of in-app purchases to allow the customers to issue refunds or exchange the products if they find any problem in them. Google even stressed upon the fact this new policy implies to all the apps even Google's own apps. As per Google they never act biased amongst their own apps and apps of other developers and they usually promote Google's competitor's apps as well.

Google collects a 30% of commission from the apps which our earning through Google. this commission is not a lot and it might vary as per the business.

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