Google Chrome Will Automatically Group Tabs For You Soon

In recent times, Chrome Tab Groups feature has evolved into something that users can take advantage of to manage their workflows. But with all the promises, a lot of users still don’t have the habit of keeping a dozen of tabs open at one time (even if they belong to a single website), let alone group them manually. There are very few users out there who can manage 10-12 tabs out there - that too with the aim to multi-task and that is it.

But the scenario might just change with this new feature that will now automatically group the tabs belonging to a single site for the user. First spotted by Chrome Story, all users are required to do is open the links to get to read the full story with references, manage workflow or do multiple things together and Chrome will take care of managing the tabs belonging to each platform on its own.

As a result, you would get all the tabs of a single site in the form of a group and less mess on the top of the navigation bar of Chrome.

It is a simple yet useful feature that Google has planned to introduce after knowing how users are always to lazy to group the tabs manually. And the ones who manage to do, they are mostly lost in the shuffling process. However, now with the right use of this feature, it will only boost the efficiency of a user who depends on Chrome too much for work or personal use.

Furthermore, as per insider sources, the commit has just merged, so it is expected that the new Chrome group tab feature will come bundled up with the Canary Channel update.

Isn’t Chrome making our life super easy with every passing day?

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  1. Yeah, great! Sounds like a solution for a problem that doesn't actually exist.

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