Apple's iOS vs. Google's Android: Market share of popular operating systems globally

Even though Apple’s popularity knows no bounds, it must bother the tech giant that its market share is significantly less than that of Android in several countries with rising economies. However, if things go according to the plan, Apple may get to turn the tables in at least one of the markets i.e. India, in the near future.

Apple is all set to launch its first stores in India, following considerable investment in a local production center. Until now, India’s dedication to protecting its markets prevented Apple from expanding its operations in the country.

Moreover, Apple also had to pay heavy import duty to get its products in the Indian markets. The import duty resulted in the prices going up, rendering the phones unaffordable for almost the entire population.

Currently, Apple has a 3% market share in India. However, with the locally-manufactured iPhone SE valued at $484, Apple might have hit the jackpot and may find its products in many Indian households soon.

In the US and Japan, Apple’s market share revolves around the 60% mark, while in China, it has crossed the 20% mark. It will be interesting to see how fast Apple establishes its dominance in the Indian market.

Chart: Statista.

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