Apple has Introduced A14 Bionic Processor with higher transistors

Apple has introduced its latest A14 Bionic processor. $600 iPad Air will process on the ARM-based processor. Apple aims to boost up this speed of technological evolution by making advancements in computing powers of smartphones and tablets and AI processing.

Apple has introduced the new chip, which has 11.8 billion transistors, and the latest CPU with 40% more speed than the older versions of central processing units. Its further specifications include 30% faster graphics. The manufacturing of this chip has been done with a 5-nanometer manufacturing process. The critical point of this 5-nanometer manufacturing process is that it is responsible for controlling the space of the chip, and known to be from chip contract manufacturer TSMC. This 5 nanometer shows the width between the chip and the circuits. In the present era, the latest and highly advanced smartphones use 7-nanometer chips. As the width is smaller, the chip will be more speedy, smaller, and cheaper.

During the virtual event on September 15, 2020, Apple has announced the new chip. Apple claims that this chip has 16-core neural engine. This technology can execute 11 million Artificial Intelligence operations in a second. This technology is much more potent than previous technology. It can do its job ten times faster than the last versions. The A14 has four graphics processing unit (GPU) core and six central processing unit (CPU) cores.

According to Kevin Krewell, an analyst at Trias Researc, the A14 Bionic chip has gone beyond the boundaries of the present technologies. The 5-nanometer process is the top first and the high volume 5-nanometer processor for the latest mobiles. It includes the machine learning with dual ways of acceleration, the CPU ML, and the neural engines. It takes Apple to the top-ranked AI for personal computing.

You can also use this technology for the improvement of photo resolution. It has the latest 7- megapixel camera with smart HDR. Moreover, it has the capability of 1080p video capture at the rate of 60 frames, with improved low-light performance. The rear camera has 12 megapixels with the specification of supporting 4K at 60 frames per second. The battery timing is about 10 hours.

The last model with 7-nanometer A13 had lesser transistors, about 8.5 billion transistors, and this number goes down as with the previous models. A12 had 6.9 billion, while A11 had 4.3 billion transistors. There is an evident improvement of Apple in Ml accelerators and AI performance of chips with their neural engines.

Apple is in the way of conversion of its Mac product line from Intel chips to its own manufactured processors, which are internally designed processors that work on ARM architecture. This step will help Apple to make its mark and to decide its processor destiny. It will also aid in gaining all the profits that went to get by Intel. Here is a challenge for Apple that Nividia will purchase Arm for $40 billion. Nividia said to allow the licensee of the ARM processor to any will be willing for that.

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