Adam Mosseri Speaks Out Against Banning Competitor TikTok

TikTok’s rise to the very top of the social media industry has resulted in a lot of problems for established companies like Facebook as well as Facebook’s subsidiary Instagram with Instagram in particular seeing a lot of competition due to the rise of the Chinese social media app. Facebook has attempted to fight back against the swelling tide of TikTok and part of this has involved a new feature on Instagram called Reels that essentially offers exactly what TikTok app is offering except it would be Instagram’s overall packaging.

TikTok has been facing problems of its own with the biggest of these problems having to do with the US government trying to shut its US operation down. This would actually be a really good thing for Instagram as well as for Facebook because of the fact that it would make it so that they would no longer need to compete with TikTok. More than that they might just be able to take advantage of the vacuum that this would leave behind allowing Facebook and Instagram to scoop up the people left behind who no longer have an app that they really wanted and might just be willing to turn to imitations of that app.

However, Instagram head has spoken out against this ban. While the ban would be good for Instagram as well as Facebook in the short term, in the long term it would be a lot less so because of the fact that it would set a dangerous precedent that could lead to what Mosseri is referring to as a “fractured internet”. It is rather unusual for a tech CEO to argue against something that would benefit them, but big name tech CEOs are known for seeing the big picture and preferring that over short term gains that won’t really do much for the long term viability of a company.

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