YouTubers Are Turning To Alternative Ways to Earn Money, 80K Channels Earned Revenue on the Platform from Alternative Sources in April

The consumer usage of many television and video services has increased considerably during the last five months due to the coronavirus lockdowns. According to a recent national online survey of adult US citizens, around 20% of individuals have started watching more internet videos due to the lockdowns, while approximately 40% of respondents said that they have started watching more TV programs.

YouTube is the most popular internet video platform, and its content creators make millions of dollars in endorsements as well as advertising. The Google-owned platform has evolved from a small site where creators made silly clips with dogs, to a powerhouse of the digital video world. In the United States, more people report that they use YouTube for free digital video as compared to any other service.

It seems that consumers are happy with the job that the platform does as nearly 80% of users of YouTube say that they are satisfied or ‘very satisfied’ with the platform’s services.

Although the platform sells subscriptions to Television series, it is primarily known for ‘free’ content. Now, individual content creators on YouTube sell subscriptions to their loyal fans, according to a report published by Bloomberg. And Bloomberg features Big Jet TV, a YouTube channel, as an example of an alternative form to earn money for creators.

The channel has over 85,000 devoted followers on the platform and offers two levels of subscriptions- first-class and superclass. First-class members can purchase a subscription for $4.99 while super call members have to pay $19.99, and the members with paid subscriptions can watch exclusive videos from the channel.

According to Bloomberg, the number of users who pay for Big Jet TV increased from 1,700 to 4,000, and the channel reports making nearly $20,000 each month from paid subscriptions. The company charges 30% of that revenue, which indicates that the owner of the channel, Jerry Dyer, and Dyer’s business manager, Gilly Prestwood bring home approximately $14,000.

YouTube is the biggest ad-supported video platform in the world, and over 2 billion people use the platform to watch videos. Although advertising is the primary source of income for creators, the number of people who make most of their income on the platform by charging loyal fans for paid subscriptions are increasing.

Bloomberg reports that 80,000 YouTube channels earned money on the platform from alternative sources during April, a 20% increase as compared to the previous month. Neil Mohan, the company’s chief product officer stated in an interview that it is important for YouTubers to have a diversified portfolio.

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