Wong’s fascinating discovery of Twitter's unrevealed feature

Jane M. Wong is an app researchers, she examines different hidden features and security vulnerabilities in plethora of applications from a young age to mark her discoveries. She still keeps on hunting several widely used applications to discover what's new.

Her announcement in the latest tweet of revealing an innovative feature of Twitter, which is still unknown, is the newest discovery. She has tweeted this finding of a new component of Twitter on her Twitter account that amazes people and various journalists as a whole.

Wong has mentioned in the recent tweet that this tool can help the Twitter Moderators to mark replies, messages, and tweets as misleading, harmful or spam probably based on some already set guidelines, or observations and experience. However, there are chances of mishandling of such features as the micro-blogging platform was in the hot water for its internal tools being misused by contractors to spy on and track celebrities.

Moderators can flag the tweets, mark it spam, and can even write a few extra notes about they think this marked tweet is misleading or dangerous.

A recent report also highlights that Twitter employees and moderators have a system that can enable them to suppress and control tweets, messages, and user's posts to ensure security and safety. That system manifests similar qualities to the new unrevealed feature by Wong. Twitter has also recently worked over the testing system that has been made for politicians and high profiled personalities to monitor their accounts.

Additionally, Twitter has also updated its terms of service part that includes shadowbanning, which signifies the provision of full control and limiting the user's activity to counter the information. It proves that Wong's discovery is accurate. Yet, the considerate development, launching, and arrival are still hidden under the veil by Twitter.

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