TikTok begins content policing, reports taking down hate content from its platform including 380 Videos, 64K Comments and 1.3K Accounts

Content policing and content moderation are things that TikTok previously did not take much care of. After a lot of criticism, TikTok added policies related to hate speech in the company’s guidelines in January 2020. Now, as per the recent announcement, TikTok has claimed to have taken down over 380,000 videos and 64,000 comments in the US for violating its Hate speech policies. TikTok also banned over 1300 users who were responsible for spreading hatred and partiality on the platform.

Eric Han, the Head of Safety at TikTok has written in a blog post that these numbers may not truly reflect a 100% success rate, but they confirm one thing: TikTok takes hate speech, violence, and other discriminatory behavior on its platform very seriously, and it does not hesitate in taking appropriate steps to take down any such content that violates its hate content policies. TikTok aims to create a positive community and it is committed to providing great user experience.

Not only this, but TikTok has also blocked hateful content from appearing in the search results of the app. Eric Han also said that the company is working on the training of its teams for content moderation so that better and nuanced content which is appropriate for every culture and every language can be created and have a place in the platform.

It seems that TikTok chose a good time to show the world that it is not as bad as it is being portrayed these days. The US government had accused it with a class-action lawsuit for breaching intrusive users' data of American citizens and then providing it to the Chinese government.

Also, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other competitor companies have voiced their concerns about the company’s content moderation policies and also for censoring sensitive data in favor of the Chinese government.

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has had to take many steps to get rid of all the accusations being hurled at it from left, right, and center. The company even formed a Content Advisory Council at the beginning of the year 2020 and recently has announced that it is planning to open a transparency center so that users and outside experts will have more visibility and accessibility into the company’s security and moderation rules.

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