The Proxy Conflict: Which one to Use and When to Use It?

Proxies are often used to buy multiple pairs of limited-edition sneakers or a large number of tickets to a hot concert, but proxies have many other uses. It can be useful to mask one’s location and identity when managing several social media accounts or doing valuable keyword research on a competitor’s website. Taking a close look at what SEO proxies and residential proxies do and how and when to use them is essential to maximize the benefit of these tools.

What Are Residential Proxies?

A proxy disguises your IP address and makes the connection with a vast network from your computer. A residential proxy is usually issued by an Internet Service Provider or an ISP rather than a data center linked to a physical location. IP addresses let others know where the device is located and can give information. A residential proxy helps users get around geo-restricted sites and services because it takes on a specific location and can mask the actual location.

A residential proxy is highly effective at concealing the actual address of the user. It uses genuine, residential IP that allows the user to run several accounts from one machine and access material that may be blocked based on region and get past limits on items an individual customer can purchase.

However, even regular residential proxy limits how many items can be purchased from that specific IP address. The way around this problem is to use a rotating residential proxy that hides the user behind a collection of proxies which alternate with every session at specific intervals. This means that the IP keeps changing and enables the user to take several actions from one residential proxy.

When to Use a Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies are essential for people who want to access specific services limited to certain regions and need an IP address from a permitted location. Having an additional IP address through a residential proxy is convenient for running more than one account when users are usually limited to one or buying more than the maximum number of sneakers or concert tickets.

A residential proxy is also essential for data scraping from websites. For this purpose, a rotating residential proxy is particularly useful, since your residential proxy will be able to conceal itself behind various IP addresses every time it is used. In addition, this tool is helpful for ad verification, monitoring prices, and managing several social media accounts.

What Are SEO Proxies?

SEO proxies mask the user’s actual address and information and perform keyword research, web scraping, and boost traffic. Like other residential proxies, they can allow users to access information or services that may be restricted based on location. The SEO disguises the identity of the visitor and makes it easier to research competing websites.

Researching competitors is essential for refining SEO strategy, but it is necessary not to let your competitors know what you are doing. An SEO proxy keeps the site administrator from realizing where the downloads and requests are coming from. SEO proxies can also be used to test one’s site and make it seem as if the request is being made from another location. Using a proxy can be useful for replicating customer experience and testing a website or customer service.

When to Use SEO Proxies

SEO proxies are valuable for testing SEO strategies that have been implemented and to pinpoint what is working and what isn’t. This tool is also essential for researching competing sites and scraping pages to analyze keyword placement without giving away that a competitor is doing the research.

Scrape a website for research, many pages and requests require that, without an SEO proxy, identify the source. A rotating proxy that continually changes its location is useful for ongoing research on what keywords are working well for your competitor.

Besides, an SEO proxy facilitates research on keywords in various locations and many languages. Using an IP address from a specific country will help for researching new markets and how consumers use keywords and respond to search results in various styles.

A Final Note

To make the most of your residential proxy or SEO proxy, research options well before purchasing. It is best to avoid freebies or those that rely on ads, which can slow down the proxy. Finding a moderately-priced proxy with an excellent location close to its server will ensure efficient operation and optimal results.

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