What SEO Strategies Should You Be Using Right Now?

Consider that it's a pandemic and people are being told to stay at home. Purchasing the products they need would mean visiting the websites of certain brands and buying the goods there. For sure, there are a ton of reasons why you should focus on investing in search engine optimization in order to improve your business's online visibility.

Indeed, SEO is nothing new to businesses that have already realized the importance of digital marketing. And with competition for the best search engine rankings heating up, it's crucial to lay out a proper SEO strategy. With the right tools and techniques in mind, you will be able to maximize your resources and give your brand a boost in the Search Engine Results Page.

For this, you just have to focus these key strategies for giving your SEO efforts a boost:

Double-down on content

Consumers are always hungry for information. Seeing as many of them are kept from making in-store visits to appraise a product before purchasing, they might want to check out a brand's website in order to learn about a certain offer. Content helps a great deal along these lines. You just have to use the right formula to plan, create, and publish the kind of content that supports your brand's online visibility.

Here are a few proven ways you can use content to boost your search engine marketing:

1. Create content that matters to your audience

Some businesses think about content as something that just appears on a website and not as something that actually makes them visible to organic users. But with search engines giving merits to websites that produce quality content, you might want to focus on creating content that's informational and highly engaging. This requires knowledge about the kind of information your audience wants to know and not just information that's already out there.

2. Diversify your materials

You don't always rely on text-based content to get your audiences hooked. You also need to throw in other types of content like videos and infographics. Pages that are rich with such visual materials are proven to have lower bounce rates compared to pages that only have text-rich content. That said, you might want to produce a video series of your own or publish graphic resources that can get your audience hooked.

3. Optimize your content

The digital world is constantly changing. One moment your audience gets hooked on a certain type of messaging, the next they shift their attention to something else. That being said, you should be able to focus on updating your content regularly in order to stay competitive.

Use schema markup

Now, this may seem like a term straight out of a nerdy dictionary, but if you are looking to give your brand an edge in the SERPs, you need schema markup in order to attract the right audience. That’s because a schema markup gives search engines instructions on how the information in your website should be displayed. So, if you want your product to gain a better position in the SERPs, a schema markup gives users details about the keywords they are searching.

It’s because of such features that businesses are using schema markup to attract the right customers. You only need to know how you can add schema markup for boosting your SEO. Here’s how:

Step One: Simply go to Google’s structured data markup helper. From there, you can choose the kind of information the search engine should display.

Step Two: Enter the URL of the page you want to markup and, using the provided workspace, add markup items by highlighting certain portions of the text and tag them accordingly (that is, whether the highlighted text is the title, name of the author, date of publishing, etc.).

Step Three: Once you are done creating your markup list, make sure to generate and download the HTML code and add it to your website’s source code.

After you are done, it’s important to optimize your schema markup regularly. You also need to fix certain errors along the way that will impact your brand’s online position. You can use certain tools like the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to test valid product schema markup. This should give your products proper rich snippets that can provide people with the information they need to buy your product.

Other strategies to consider

Apart from these strategies, you might also want to invest time and resources on effective keyword research and link-building. After all, keywords remain the most important factor for boosting your website’s rankings. When it comes to link-building, guest posting on authority websites can expose your brand to referral traffic.

Indeed, there are loads more you can use to improve your brand’s searchability. You only need to find the right strategy that aligns with your SEO goals, whether it’s decreasing your bounce rate or generating more organic traffic.

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