Survey Shows That Simple Tricks in Your Resume Can Make a Difference

These days a lot of people are looking for jobs, but the fact of the matter is that not everyone is getting the jobs that they may have been looking for. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that some people are more qualified than others, but this isn’t usually the only factor that you should be trying to keep in mind. Most of the time the people that got the jobs actually worked quite smartly and used a few tricks in their resume in order to get the results they wanted. These tricks aren’t malicious in any way, shape or form, they just utilize an understanding of the way things work in order to make it more likely that a job would end up getting offered.

A recent survey indicated that a lot of people have been using simple tricks to boost their resumes by a pretty large margin. For example, 19.5% of the people that had hired professional resume writers said that they have received over three job offers which is a pretty amazing number if you think about it.

Another group of people said that they included charts as well as other visual aids like diagrams into their resumes and this helped them get more than three offers as well. While these aren’t always going to work, they definitely help. Maximizing your LinkedIn profile has also been shown to help, and a lot of respondents, almost 60%, said that they had optimized their LinkedIn profiles beforehand. The use of keywords was also seen to be quite effective, and users that took advantage of this were able to get more job offers. This proves to a certain extent that getting the job can often be about making your resume a little more presentable.

Take a look at below charts for more insights:

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