A new report suggests an uptick in the mobile app audience growth, location opt-ins, and average app-opens post COVID-19

Recently, Airship, the consumer engagement company, published its ‘State of Global Mobile Engagement 2020’ report. The report was based on mobile app behaviors and how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted this behavior in more than 750 million people globally.

Th report gives interesting insight and has compared the mobile usage trends and patterns from pre-pandemic months to the ongoing pandemic months from March 2020 onwards.

There have been several areas where the consumer behavior has shown a remarkable growth from the pandemic months onwards. Some of these engagement metrics had been trending downwards in the pre-pandemic era, such as the trend of location opt-ins, which had been spiraling downwards for a very long time. Surprisingly, since March 2020, location opt-ins have increased, and they reached 10.7% in June 2020. This is the highest average rate up till now. The medical, health and fitness, Travel and Transportation, and Finance and Insurance sectors especially saw more than 100% of growth in the average location opt-in rates since the pandemic began.

This data also shows how imperative mobiles have become for all of us. Especially during the lockdown period amidst the coronavirus pandemic, people resorted to their phones for information and entertainment purposes, as well as to stay connected with each other. This not only increased the overall mobile usage and mobile video watch time, but it also increased their location opt-ins.

Another interesting statistic that has been highlighted by this report is that the growth of Mobile App audiences was 16.6% in 2019. It has now grown by 31% YoY which further reinforces the fact that mobiles are essentially important tools for us all. And the pandemic made it an absolute necessity for many of us now, all over the globe.

The pandemic also had an incremental effect on the ‘average app opens per user’ and ‘average direct open rates.’ The average rate of direct open for push notifications has increased by 29% since the beginning of the pandemic. And this is the first time that this rate has gone so up in the past four years!

This clearly means that even though the pandemic caused a lot of problems in the entire world, it somehow turned into a blessing in disguise for mobiles and tech apps. Because it made people more dependent on their mobiles and the usage of tech apps increased because of the public’s increased reliance. As the consumers turned more towards these apps, the rate of the direct opening through push notifications automatically increased.

The rate of receiving these push notifications has been found to be around 53% amongst the Android users, which is a lot more in comparison with iOS users. Both have an average notification direct open rate of 8.2%.

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