Now you can follow a Page on Facebook on your own terms as the social media app is bringing some new settings

Following a Page on Facebook has always meant that whenever the admins of that Page post a new update, all the followers will get a notification for that. But now, as reported by social media consultants and commentators Matt Navarra and a Twitter user Akram Alodini, Facebook is bringing some new control options for Page followers.

According a screenshot shared by Navarra, users can choose any option from the following list of advanced controls:

They can choose to receive All Updates or None

They can choose to receive notifications for Highlights only

They can receive notifications for new Video uploads

They can switch the Offer Post options on or off

It also seems that Facebook is trying to change the ideology of judging the popularity of a Page by the number of 'Likes' it receives. It is reportedly working on a new business page design which only shows the Followers and has completely removed the ‘Like’ count from the Page. The idea is that the number of Followers is a better measure to gauge the popularity of a Page rather than the Likes it receives.

Now, with the new control options for the Followers, it seems that Facebook is further narrowing it down for the Pages to receive/collect Likes. If a user chooses to see only uploaded videos on a Page and turns off all the other notifications, the number of Likes will automatically decrease along with the total views.

This will make the News Feed less cluttered for sure, and the Notification bar will also be less occupied, but it will put a lot of pressure on the admins of the Page. They will have to continue creating a new and improved quality of content to cater to all the possible groups of people on the Page regularly. Also, the content will have to be more engaging in order to increase the number of Shares and in return, Page following.

Facebook is a very popular app and it is widely used by many people globally. Creating new Pages is an extremely simple and hassle-free step, but maintaining followers with quality content, proper engagement, and good reach is where most people lack. With these new settings, Facebook is likely to bring a change in the mindset of page runners/moderators/admins that not everything is about a certain number of Likes.

It is now known when this feature will officially roll out for the masses. So far, there is no word from Facebook regarding these updates.

Let us hope and see if Facebook will achieve something more meaningful and profound with these changes or not?

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