Facebook Is Testing a New Look for Pages on Mobile Apps Without Like Button

The social media giant, Facebook, is currently experimenting with a new look for Facebook Pages on its flagship smartphone application. The new design comes with ‘no’ Like count, offers a cleaner and readable layout. Furthermore, the new design makes it easier for Page admins to actually use and manage Pages.

Initially, the company tested these features and others will a small group of public figures on the mobile application, however, they are now being expanded to a broader group of Facebook Pages. The public figures involved in the current test include actors, content creators, authors, and a small percentage of media entities such as bands and books pages. If a Page is included in the test, it will see an option to opt in to try out the new experience when they are signed in on the mobile app.

The social media giant said that with more content creators, public figures, and other public entities turning to Facebook’s platform to connect with their audiences during the coronavirus pandemic, the company wanted to test a new design and new features that make Facebook Pages easier to use.

The company states that Facebook is now expanding the test to include a small percentage of English-language business Facebook Pages. The latest design and feature set is meant to make using Facebook Pages less complex. The company acknowledges that the ongoing process can be complex.

The most prominent update in the new layout being testes is a cleaner, and more intuitive layout that makes it convenient for users to access the biography, posts, and other information of a Facebook Page. You may also note that the design does away with Like as well as the Like button. Now, the Page will only feature a Follow button and follower count.

The design looks more like a social media profile than a website, with the details of the Page and Stories at the top to replace the About as well as the Page Transparency sections of the Facebook Page. As users can Like a specific Page, and then unfollow the Page later, making the number of Likes an unreliable metric. The Follower count displays the actual number of users getting updates of a Page on their Facebook Feed.

Additionally, Page owners will now be able to better connect with followers of their Pages by browsing their News Feed, and then they will be able to quickly switch between their personal profile and the public-facing Page they manage when they want to comment or react to a post they come across.

An updated ‘Edit Access’ screen will allow Page owners to more clearly assign and manage admin access permissions based on certain tasks. They can also access new insights including metrics displaying the top performing posts. Facebook has not confirmed when the update will be rolled out more broadly.

Hat Tip: TechCrunch.

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