New Google Translate Update Will Let You Save Real Time Transcripts

Google Translate has been an app that has been seen as hit or miss in the past. While it can manage to translate some languages fairly well, its attempts at translating others is nothing short of laughable. Still, Google Translate is an important service that is improving quite a bit as time goes by. The sentiment behind it is also quite easy to get behind, namely the fact that communication between two people who might not speak the same language should become as easy as possible.

A few months ago, Google Translate got a new feature that automatically transcribed translations of whatever is being said in what is very close to real time. This meant that users could speak to someone in a different language and have the response they receive translated as the person they are speaking to is talking. This was pretty revolutionary, but it’s clear that Google didn’t intend on stopping there. A feature that was tested out in May involved users being able to save transcripts of conversations for future reference. This feature is currently being rolled out for all users, and it’s fair to say that it will vastly change the game when it comes to what Google Translate will be able to do.

Now when you are using the live transcribe feature on your Google Translate app on an Android phone, you would see a star in the top right corner. Tapping on this star would save the transcription. You will have all of the transcripts stored in the sidebar menu. You can also name each transcription so that you can find whatever it is that you are looking for a lot more easily than might have been the case otherwise. This can make it much easier for business to be conducted across borders, as well as for people from different cultures to just generally get to know one another.

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