New Facebook Update Highlights Follower Counts on Comments From Big Influencers

One thing that initially separated Facebook from Twitter and made the latter seem like a slightly better option for certain people was the fact that Twitter offered verification for accounts. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that a lot of celebrities and influencers were making accounts and people might make fake accounts with their names. Hence, social media platforms introduced verification so that anyone with a significant follower count could end up getting verified.

Facebook introduced its own “blue tick” for verification based on Twitter’s model, and over the years the company managed to move far beyond Twitter both as a platform in general along with as a place where influencers would try to reach their followers. While Instagram has become to go to place for such people, Facebook is clearly trying to make its main platform seem like a good influencer spot as well. A new update, as spotted by Matt Navarra and Sumeet Rajpal indicates that more changes may be coming. This update is that you will now be able to see rough follower counts for big influencers whenever they leave a comment.

These comments are essentially being highlighted a little, and the reason behind why this is being done is because it can help influencers and big names to have more of a reach and impact. Their comments will be more easily visible, and people can see what those with big follower counts have to say about various topics as well. This can also be a useful way for influencers to end up getting a lot more followers since they would have more options when it came to connecting with people on the platform. All in all, this is a smart move for Facebook although some might criticize it because of the fact that it is prioritizing the comments of those with followings over those that are just using the platform regularly.

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