Instagram Is Testing A Handy New Feature For Stories — Recently Deleted Section

Deletion anxiety is a very real thing in this modern day and age. After all, when you delete something you are essentially getting rid of it for good. There are some techniques that you can use to recover deleted files but for the most part it is a very difficult task, and even if you do end up getting the data that you deleted it would be very unlikely that it would be in a form that you can actually end up using the same way since much of the data would either be lost or it will have been corrupted in some way, shape or form.

Instagram Stories are also something that you might need to delete every so often. However, deletion anxiety probably gets in the way. What if you need to check this story out later? This is something that you would regret if you ended up deleting the story in question. In order to address this issue, it seems like Instagram is going to be introducing a new feature, or rather a new section that is related to the Stories feature.

This is a Recently Deleted section. Basically, any Stories that you delete are first going to be compressed and sent to the Recently Deleted Section. Anything in this section will stay there for 30 days before it is deleted permanently. This can enable users to get the deletion out of the way since they would be able to get the data back if they decide against deletion before the thirty day period is up. You can access the recently deleted section in your settings. Once you are in your settings, just open up Accounts and you would see a button there that says recently deleted where all recently deleted files and data can be found before permanent deletion.

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