According To A Study, Only 0.77% of YouTube Videos Cross 100K Views, While 88% Of Videos Generate Less Than 1K Views

Pex is a Los Angeles-based analytics firm and monitors social media platforms across the globe. The firm published a report ‘the state of YouTube’ back in the year 2018 and now it has released an analysis of this report for the year 2019 as an update to this report.

Google-owned YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in the world and billions of people daily watch videos on the platform. However, Pex discovered in the 2018 study that only 0.64% of all videos on YouTube’s platform generate more than 100,000 views. Interestingly, the number did not cross the 1% in 2019, and the firm found that only 0.77% of videos on YouTube ever reach over 100,000 views.

Furthermore, the analytics firm also discovered that the majority of videos on YouTube generate less than 1,000 views. According to the report published by Pex, 88.4% of YouTube videos generated less than 1,000 views on the platform. You may also note that Pex published this data on the basis of the performance of all YouTube videos publicly available as of Dec 31st of the year 2019.

In the report, the firm also notes that music became more valuable on the platform during 2019. Music videos accounted for 22% of all views on YouTube in 2019, a 2% rise as compared to 2018. It is worth noting that music only makes 5% of all content available on YouTube.

In comparison, the entertainment category accounted for only 10% of views, and Gaming accounted for 37% of views. People & Blogs and Film & Animation accounted for 21% and 5% views, respectively. Lastly, Others accounted for 19% of views on the platform, and Music also accounted for 83% of clips that generated more than 1 billion views on YouTube in 2019.

Entertainment videos only make up 1.5% of those videos that exceed 1 billion views on the platform in 2019, and Gaming manages only 0.5% of such videos. Pex also stated in the report that the majority of new videos are uploaded to the Gaming category. 33% of new videos uploaded on the platform belong to the Gaming category. Justin Koh, a Pex Analyst, wrote in a blog post that the Gaming category is becoming the majority of content on YouTube, and Music and Entertainment account for the majority of views. However, Music and Entertainment are only 15% of the videos on the platform.

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