Instagram is bringing four new fonts to the Stories and one of them is irritating a lot of social media users

Instagram has announced that it is bringing four new fonts for the Instagram Stories, including stencil and serif options. But what is causing quite a stir amongst the Instagram users is that one of those fonts suspiciously resembles the infamous Comic-Sans font from the early 90s for Microsoft.

It is not exactly Comic-Sans, but the uncanny resemblance to the most humble, friendly, and sadly the most hated fonts in the world is not making people of this generation very comfortable with it.

Comic-Sans was designed by typographer Vincent Connare in 1994 and it was intended to be used for speech bubbles in animated cartoons. Connare was of the opinion that animated cartoons needed a comic book style, friendly, and playful font with a handwritten look, and it was supposed to be used for children.

However, this font became excessively famous amongst the users in that era, so much that they started applying it in official documents, assignments, advertisement billboards. Thus, there came a time when Comic-Sans was everywhere, and that turned off many people. A movement began in 2002 intended to impose a ban on Comic-Sans, and later on, more and more people came forward, and sadly, the once most famous font turned into the world’s most hated font in no time.

Now, it is hardly used and for Instagram to bring up something like that has caused some kind of an uproar amongst many people! While many users are extremely against it, some people have also pointed out that regardless of the public sentiment, Comic Sans is considered as a very easily readable font for dyslexic patients and people with other reading disabilities. So, if Instagram is bringing this Comic-Sans-like font for the same reason, their thoughtfulness is actually commendable and not a matter to mock Instagram for.

Secondly, if someone does not like that font, they can always choose some other font. Instagram is not imposing anything on anybody, so this ‘whining and complaining’ attitude of several users is beyond comprehension.

Users can check out all these new fonts easily by writing something in a Story and then use the interface element appearing above the keyboard to switch between the fonts.

Since people are overly sensitive to this font, so, it is advised to use it with a little caution. Unless you own an Instagram account that posts comic images or memes, or if it is not meant for children, then you should probably avoid using it.

On the other hand, it is YOUR Story, and YOU have all the right to use whichever fonts you wish. So, go ahead and write Stories with whatever pleases your heart and yourself!

Here's how some users are reacting on social media platforms regarding the update:

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