These Are The Best Practices That Google Adopt to Improve Its Search Engine Results

Google recently published a video on its official YouTube channel, illustrating how its search algorithm improves results for the users. The video is generally targeted towards the beginner web marketers who are new in the search engine optimization world.

In the video, Google describes that they continually make improvements to their system to make search better for everyone. They further explain that it is impossible to manually go through each search query – given the phenomenal amount they receive each day. But they do enhance their algorithms so the search experience is improved with each click.

The video goes on to reveal that Google made 3,620 improvements to search results in the year 2019 only. The search giant also shared an example of how incorrect information can tamper the search results. In this case, Google manually modifies the information – usually based on feedback from users.

Google ends the video by stating the fact that no system is perfect. Google also has its pros and cons. however, the company is dedicated to making improvements every day and thus – ensure that the search feature is improved to satisfy the users.

See the full video below:

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