Google, Facebook, Voodoo: These Are Top Mobile App Publishers Globally by Downloads (July 2020)

Sensor Tower is a web platform that proffers with updated insights and information about mobile applications and mobile app publishers. It is a renowned analytical application that helps all mobile application developers, publishers, and users.

Sensor Tower (ST) has recently issued an updated list of top 10 mobile publishers of July 2020 along with the most downloaded applications, marking Google at number one. ST has analysed a complete list of the maximum downloads of mobile applications from both Apple Store and Play Store. This calculated record includes the estimation of all the versions of the downloaded apps. This data has been extracted from the platform of store Intelligence of Sensor Towers.

Google has maintained itself on top as a mobile publisher globally, with approximately 273.1 million installs. This increment in growth for a year has made Google to gain the rank of the topmost mobile publisher in this progressive world of technology.

Facebook stands at second on Play Store with nearly 215 million installation numbers until last month's report. Yet, it has a third-ranking on the iOS platform. Apart from these, Tencent, SayGames, Inshot, AppLovin, Bytedance, Crazy Labs, Outfit 7, and Voodoo are on the top 10 list of the global mobile publishers, ranked by downloads, marking the ranking from 10th to 3rd simultaneously. In the Apple store, Microsoft has also rounded the seventh position as a top mobile publisher.

This ranking list has depicted an approximately 37% of the increment in publishing growth of Google since last year July 2019.

This data that has been taken from the platform of ST is reliable as it accumulates the vital information from the recorded VPNs. The users also have access to check the estimation on the Sensor Intelligence platform themselves. However, these provided records by Sensor Tower are only of the recent number of downloads of all the presently downloaded versions of the applications from 1st of July, 2019 to 31st of July, 2020, on Google's Play Store and AppStore. Other pre-installed apps including third-party Android and Apple stores data are not included in this estimate list.

Furthermore, this top publishers list has driven the economy of the mobile applications and their market to the whole next level. Sensor Tower has also recorded an increase in the rankings of several mobile application publishers.

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