Facebook's New Report Highlights Global Consumer Trends That'll Shape The Future

Last week, Facebook published new data which look at evolving trends during the coronavirus pandemic. The company analyzed internal data, commissioned surveys, and third-party research, and the reports are based on responses from more than 34K users. Facebook looked at the acceleration of already existing digital media trends alongside the emergence of new trends. The company has identified five worldwide macro-shifts shaping the future.

Safer shopping: Now, 71% of consumers in the United States say that safety is key while deciding where to shop. Moreover, it is noteworthy that only 50% of shoppers say that they are eager to return to physical stores. Facebook also stated that the company recorded a 6 times increase in conversations about contactless shopping during the last few months.

Although people across the world will not stop shopping, they will practice safer buying to limit the spread of the coronavirus. 49% of respondents across the globe also said that they plan to keep shopping online even after the pandemic ends.

Mindful wellness: Individuals around the world had to adjust to new ways of living during the pandemic including how they work or learn. Several people are engaging in mindful activities to find moments of calm during these stressful times. Many are downloading meditation applications, and interest in victory gardens increased 39.5 times. Furthermore, conversations around sourdough have been on the rise.

Global community: It seems that the pandemic has brought communities closer. Since local sports are closed during the coronavirus pandemic, many people have developed a deeper appreciation for individuals as well as businesses that make a neighborhood a community. Many are expressing this sense of local connection online. Since May of this year, searches for local businesses have increased by 23% on Facebook. Moreover, membership of local groups on the social media platform increased by 3.3 times. People across the world reported being 1.26 times more concerned about the coronavirus pandemic globally as compared to their own region.

Gen Z’s regeneration: 41% of people in the world are under 25 during this year, and interestingly, Gen Z is emerging as the most transformed generation by the coronavirus in several ways. It seems that the coronavirus has solidified Gen Zer’s support for causes since 54% of Gen Zers in Europe said that the pandemic has increased their interest in activism and social causes.

Connected convenience: Now, people rely on messaging services to stay connected with their loved ones and brands.

These trends can be helpful for digital marketers in improving their digital marketing approach.

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