Customer Journey Mapping: How Consumers Are Finding New Products and Services

There is no doubt in the fact that the internet has become the new marketplace for the future. Consumers have gradually started to fin their convenience and trust in online sellers but the one fact that still remains the same is of how people don’t also like being sold online as well especially when they are not looking for that desired product or service. However, the extra added information that they now get through multiple mediums on the internet is what interests them and then there is also a greater chance that one day they might try out what you are selling online.

This is where the importance of customer’s journey mapping comes into play as you can easily track down their path to purchase and then place your bet to let them choose your company for the stuff they need.

So basically, a journey map is a framework that helps colleagues and departments to work together to first identify how the audience finds new products and then where do they perform their research, just to make sure that relevant actions are then taken by the marketing department to boos up the company’s performance in sales.

It also helps brands to know where they need to appear the most in order to become the absolute choice for customers.

To give you one excellent example of how one can track down the path to purchase of customers, let’s take an example of the consumers living in the US.

Looking at the chart below, one obvious thing has been proven again and that is Google and Facebook are now so good at marketing products that consumers most often find new things to buy on the similar platforms. Furthermore, the search engine begins to take a clear lead when customers wish to do their research on the product that they might have recently found.

With billions of people using the internet on a daily basis, it wouldn’t be wrong to move towards an online retail store and relay less on the physical one because sooner or later that shift is happening.

For more details on consumer behavior, see the chart below.

Search engines and social media are becoming main source of product discovery for consumers
Chart: Globalwebindex.

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