You Will Soon Be Able To Check Weak Passwords In Google Chrome

As passwords are often regarded as the most confidential thing for any human being in this day and age, Google is therefore working on bringing the much-needed password check feature that will help you cover all the password related weaknesses when logging into your account through an Android phone or desktop.

Prior to this development, Chrome for Android has always allowed users to check for compromised passwords and the liberty to view, edit and copy them as well. But now this latest addition of password check can bring in extra security for when the set password is weak.

Furthermore, the password leak protection arrived in Chrome some time back which was primarily based on alerting the user for when your password is saved to Chrome and there occurs a data breach because of it. If you want to access the manual option then all you have to do is visit chrome://settings/passwords page and take advantage of the check passwords option to confirm if any of your passwords have been breached or not.

But now as the password weakness checking option has been released by Google for Chrome, you can turn on that as well by visiting chrome://settings/passwords/check page behind a flag.

You can check the feature in in the latest Chrome Canary version by visiting the chrome://flags page and then by enabling the “Passwords weakness check” flag (chrome://flags/#passwords-weakness-check).

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, all you are required to do is head to chrome://settings/passwords page and click on “check passwords”. This will then make sure that Chrome checks for compromised passwords and also any potential weakness in your saved passwords. If any weakness is found, the feature will warn you about that.

Hat Tip: TechDows.

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