Web Hosting Stats and Facts To Help You Choose A Better Host

As you all know, web hosting is a thriving ecosystem and everyone is striving to make the best out of it. The high-competition landscape allows companies to innovate technologies to help webmasters have the best sites possible.

Let’s explore some of the most important and insightful web hosting statistics that will help you choose a better web hosting provider for your website.

Key Takeaways

Below are the crucial facts and stats that you will come across as we navigate through. If you are going to grasp a few things, take note of the following:
  • There are over 330,000 web hosting companies globally.
  • The largest number of internet users are from Asia, although North America houses the largest number of web hosting companies.
  • Mobile devices generate over 60% of the total online traffic.
  • With more than 30% of websites built on WordPress, the platform stands as the weapon of many internet users.

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These are just some basics to warm your feet – the cumulative web hosting stats and facts will captivate you more. Take a look. Want to know what kind of hosting providers we’re covering.

Web Hosting Domain Stats

A fact to take home is that no website can stand complete without a domain name. and domain names-markets are often intertwined with the web hosting industry. Now let's focus on some of the notable domain names facts and stats:
  • .com is the popular domain name with over 81% of the domain names registered.
  • On average 900,000 domain names are registered in a single week.
  • When the internet was first born, only nine domain name suffixes existed (.com, .gov, .co.us, .net, .us, .org, .co.uk, .co.il, and .edu.

Global Web Hosting

Let us start by looking at the geographical popularity of web hosting. Which are the most populated regions? Is this population sparse or dense? These are among the questions we shall be looking to answer in this part of the journey.

Web hosting service came into life around 1995. By this period, the idea of the internet had already spread its roots to the public. Three United States-based companies – Angelfire, Geocities, and Tripod realized the opportunity and struck in. This is how the multi-billion-dollar industry was born. So what are the web host stats as of today?

Image Source: HostAdvice

Web Hosting Industry Stats

Through the years, web hosting as a service has become useful in lots of ways including but not limited to storing data and website housing.

The industry has created solutions like VPS, shared hosting, cloud hosting among others. Stay put as we navigate on how the inhabitants of this industry rose to power.
  • The web took less than five years to hit the 1 million users mark. On the other hand, telephone to more than 75 years to achieve the same status.
  • There are more than 1,690 million websites online right now – all in need of a hosting service.
  • The US economy incurs a loss of $500 million annually from slow websites – website speed is vital.
  • Mobile devices are taking over the industry with nearly 60% of traffic traced from tablets and smartphones.
  • The fastest-growing technology service is cloud computing – having grown by 17.6% in 2019.

Web Hosting Technology Stats

Web hosting incorporates all kinds of the modern state of the art technologies. So, in this part of the stats, we will be looking at technology. Here we go!
  • With a 60% share, WordPress nearly controls the CMS market.
  • Almost all online projects use shared web hosting, but big companies are shifting to the cloud.
  • Windows is the preferred OS for laptops and desktops but in web servers, the story is purely different. More than 96% of the top websites prefer Linux Configurations.

Looking at the Web Hosting Future

Looking at our destination—web hosting, the industry is doing pretty well. It's attracting more and more citizens and technological progress is still playing on its advantage.
According to IDC, 49% of data will be in the cloud by 2025.
Web hosting service is expected to retain a stable revenue increase of 15.5%.
Cloud hosting services will always exceed expectations as the Forrester report predicts it as a $191 billion industry by 2024.

Before You Leave

How has the journey through the web hosting environment been? Was it an eye-opener? I hope you enjoyed the whole adventure and now you have all the facts and stats to help you choose a better web host.

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