Video Podcasts Will Soon Be Live On Spotify

Are you a Spotify and Podcast fan together? Then your favorite platform is all set to make listening to podcasts even more exciting as the company has decided to include video footage of the podcasts as well while users listen to their favorite hosts.

The video podcasts will start from the coming Tuesday and that also means you will get to see the creators behind The Morning Toast, The Misfits Podcast, Fantasy Footballers, Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, and others in live-action, along with listening to their wonderful words.

Once the new feature is in place, creators will have the option of bringing both audio and video-based podcasts to Spotify which will not only expand the viewership but also engage the audience on a different level.

The video footage will begin as soon as you click on the “play” button and it will sync with the audio to let users enjoy the comfort of listening to the audio-only in between when they get busy in multi-tasking.

Spotify has rapidly become one of the major players in the podcasts world, especially after how they have acquired companies like Gimlet Meia & Anchor. This move previously even allowed listeners to add a new playlist of podcasts which was great news itself.

While Spotify hasn’t confirmed when they will enable the video podcast feature for more creators but The Joe Rogan Experience will either become a hit on Spotify with this or a miss - because it is expected that users might have to pay for Spotify Premium if they want to enjoy top creators without the ads.

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