TikTok Has Just Made Its Algorithms and Moderation Policies Open For Everyone

With the aim to shut down all the on-going controversies regarding the Chinese entertainment apps, TikTok has announced to become transparent for the first time. That basically means users will now have the access to know how the app’s algorithms sorts outs and shares videos of users, along with experts getting the chance to observe the moderation policies existing in real-time on the platform.

Upon making the big decision public via a blog post on Wednesday, TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer stated that they have put one step ahead of the industry and are now also openly challenging rival companies to follow the new trend instead of waiting for the regulation to become the new norm.

If you look at the timing of this, then TikTok decided to spread the news right hours before Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon were about to face the House Judiciary’s anti-trust panel. Although TikTok wasn’t a part of the scrutiny imposed by the congress, the company had expectations that their name would be taken during the proceedings - just like Mark Zuckerberg brought TikTok’s name forward in previous sessions only to highlight the competition that now exists between social media apps and in order to demand more freedom for the American tech firms with the similar reason.

Facebook CEO has also expressed that the competition between the social media giant and TikTok now stands as an ideological battle where Facebook believes in values like democracy, competition, inclusion, and free expression — exactly the kind of things on which the American economy was built. But unfortunately, Zuckerberg thinks that as China is building its own version of the internet they are basically exporting their own vision to other countries with the help of apps like TikTok.

Mayer, on the other responded to the criticism by taking a more positive approach as he said that his company wants to focus on more fair and open competition rather than dealing with the blames that their competitor company Facebook continues to put on them.

Nevertheless, it is pretty much expected that the arguments Facebook is presenting in front of the congress will definitely work for the company as the US government as well has been vocal about their hate for Chinese TikTok in the recent past and how Trump’s team is already working on banning the app in the country.

This pressure might be one of the biggest reasons of why TikTok has decided to open up its algorithms and moderation policies because this move will first allow them to counter-attack the claims of censoring the content for Chinese Government (a favorite of US politicians) and then it will also put Facebook in hot waters again for selective moderation policies.

Mayer continues to play smart by stating that without TikTok advertisers again would have very limited options in the US. Hence, to ensure that America's creative energy keeps prospering, the Chinese company will try its best to assure the long-term success and availability of TikTok.

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