TikTok Collaborates With Top Creators to Combat Misinformation

Pretty much every single social media platform that is out there has been beset by misinformation regarding the pandemic that we are going through at this current point in time, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that social media platforms are essentially open forums where anyone can end up saying pretty much whatever they want to a certain extent. These are places where people share their opinions, and if their opinions involve misinformation surrounding the novel coronavirus, this means that they would be more than willing to share them on whatever social media platform that they deem to be worthy of this supposed information.

TikTok is no different in that it has a serious misinformation problem much like Facebook, Twitter and the like. However, unlike Facebook which has really not take a very proactive approach when it comes to the various problems that are associated with misinformation and the like, TikTok is trying to remedy this situation by collaborating with some of its top creators. This project is essentially a series of videos that is called “Be Informed”.

This is an awareness campaign that is essentially meant to help users figure out what the signs of misinformation actually are. By looking into the various ways in which misinformation ends up being spread, TikTok can help prevent the spread from being far worse than might have been the case otherwise because of the fact that a lot of users would know misinformation when they see it. Many users are posting videos that have anti-vaccination messages as well as false information about how the developing 5G network is what is responsible for the spread of this virus. If other users are able to fact check the content they watch then they would find it easier to avoid spreading it further themselves.

Photo: Chesnot/Getty Images

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