Surface Pro X Will Now Have Microsoft’s AI Powered “Eye-Contact”

After being first announced for the ARM-powered Surface laptop in 2019, Microsoft is all ready to introduce the AI-powered “eye contact” feature in the new Surface Pro X.

The company is currently rolling out the new feature as an inclusion in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20175 which also directly hints towards the fact that the feature can have a broad release very soon as well.

Going by the words of Microsoft, the “eye contact” feature’s working will depend heavily on the artificial intelligence capabilities that now reside in Microsoft’s new SQ1 processor. Once the feature is enabled for any of the video calling apps like Zoom Skype or Google Meet, the system will automatically adjust the frame according to the positioning of your eyes in the screen to make sure that you always appear in the center and have direct eye contact with the camera.

This eye-contact correction will remain applicable for when he lens if off to the other side or you’re sitting way above the display and the only option is to look down and use the computer.

However, the feature is exclusive for Surface Pro X in the landscape mode only because the kind of processing involved in making the feature possible will require too much power from a normal x86 Windows Computers.

For some, the idea might sound very similar because Mircosoft isn’t the only company working on AI-corrected gazes. Their biggest competitor Apple has already launched the early versions of “FaceTime Attention Correction” feature in iOS 13 betas last year and iOS 14 includes it as a wider release which means that iPhone and iPad users can soon attend Facetime calls with fake attention.

Furthermore, if you are to ask an average user honestly, then doing eye contact and positioning yourself right in the middle of the screen has always been the toughest part of video calling.

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