Apple Pledges Complete Environmental Sustainability by 2030

On the 21st of July, Apple pledged that it would work hard towards a more environmentally sustainable business model. The havoc that unbridled capitalism is wreaking upon the world is pretty easy to see, and most businesses aren’t all that interested in changing this and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that they will have to sacrifice their profit margins in order to end up doing so. However, things are changing and Apple’s pledge is a sign that the modern corporation is definitely more interested in sustainability than its more traditional counterpart.

Apple’s pledge essentially involves reducing its carbon footprint, aiming to have net zero emissions by 2030 and thereby become more or less completely carbon neutral all in all. This includes its various stores as well as its manufacturing plants where the majority of its products end up being made. Reduction of carbon emissions is quite difficult and it will probably cost a lot of money, so it is very heartening to see a big corporation trying to do so anyway regardless of how it might affect its other short term goals.

Apple intends to start using a lot more recycled material in its products as well which will further help it meet its environmental goals. However, it is important to note that it is more or less impossible to completely eliminate all carbon emissions, and Apple is aware of that. The company will also be investing in solutions that would help remove carbon from the atmosphere so that the little carbon that it does continue to produce will be dealt with in a much more sustainable manner than might have been the case otherwise. Apple has always been a trendsetter in this regard, and this will place pressure on other companies to follow suit as well.

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