Snapchat is working on a TikTok-like user experience with a new vertical swipe for its content in Discover

TikTok is one of the most influential apps existing on mobile devices. However, the app’s future is unclear due to ongoing investigations into its processes. Many giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Byte are also testing out new TikTok like features to gather the migrating audience.

Snapchat, another social media giant appears to join the others in the race to replicate TikTok features and gather an audience for their platforms. It seems to be working on a new, vertical swipe UX for its Discover content according to an image shared by Matt Navarra and posted by the user @artb2668.

Snapchat has also included in-app instructions for users so they can use the new feature easily. The screenshot instructions can be seen providing information about how swiping in various directions can trigger different commands. For example, swiping left or right will exit the Discover content.

According to TechCrunch, a very small percentage of the users currently have access to this feature as Snapchat confirmed the UX test. However, it is only for Discover content and not for Stories sent to users by their friends. Users involved in the test still need to tap on each Story to advance through them, which is unlike TikTok as it does not have separate Story frames.

All of these replication attempts highlight the significance and the impact of TikTok on social media. Every major functionality is bound to get copied at some point. For example, Facebook’s News Feed and Snapchat’s Stories were replicated by other developers, hence TikTok’s unique features are also going to go through this phase. This also underlines the fact that there is a potential for innovation stemming beyond the major platforms.

Facebook’s awareness of this trend is proven by its NPE team always launching and shutting down new applications all the time, trying to tap into the next big trend before other developers come across it. However, this testing does not seem to have yielded any significant results. Although, this can help Facebook maintain its top position in the social media apps by already having features that can potentially gain traction.

TikTok is also looking for ways to pick off users who are uncertain about the app’s future given the situation its currently in. Facebook also quickly rolled out Instagram’s Reels feature in the region when TikTok got banned by India last month. US President Donald Trump also commented that America could also look into blocking the app, as a punishment for China for COVID-19. This has increased the downloads for alternate tools, and it is logical for many developers to add TikTok-style tools to gather more migrating users.

Snapchat’s duplication of TikTok features also makes sense with TikTok facing more questions and its top creators trying to diversify their presence to secure their future in the industry. However, there is no official announcement on what Snapchat might do after completing the experiment.

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