SellCell’s Recent Data Displays That iPhones Lose Less Value Over Time As Compared To Other Smartphones

Most electronics become more affordable for consumers as technology advances. For instance, you can consider how a mammoth flat-screen Television used to be a signifier of wealth at one time. However, it is not the case with smartphones as they seem to get more expensive as a new smartphone model is released in the market.

Flagship models such as Apple iPhones and Galaxy series provided by Samsung are very expensive. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra costs around $1499.99. However, SellCell, a phone retailer has now released new data displaying which smartphones lose the most value over time.

According to the data provided by SellCell, flagship smartphones might be worth the investment over time as compared to lower-cost smartphones provided various other brands. SellCell provided a graph that shows that the iPhone XR lost 53.2% of its value since the year 2018. In comparison, the LGV40 ThinQ has lost 79.10% of its value since the year 2018. The LGV40 ThinQ is a serious competitor in the Android space for iPhone XR.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max lost 56.0% and 56.8% of their value respectively. In comparison, it seems that Google smartphones have lost more value over time as the value of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL decreased by 72.40% and 75.6% between 2018 and 2020. Samsung smartphones also lost most of their value during 2018 and 2020. The value of Galaxy Note 9 decreased by 79.20% since 2018, and Galaxy S9 lost more of its value- 83.6%.

Sony X22 Premium lost 89.70% of its value, which is the highest as compared to other smartphones. There are a lot of factors that impact the value of a smartphone over time. It seems that people prefer to buy used iPhones over the used Android smartphones of the same generation.

One of the major reasons to buy a new smartphone is because your current smartphone is outdated. However, in the case of iPhones, Apple supports its products for longer periods and even the oldest models such as iPhone 6 or 7 keep getting the latest features and security updates.

You may look into various factors while purchasing a new smartphone, it is recommended that you also consider the resale value of that model. Some people also resell their phones before purchasing a new one, and it is worth checking out the potential value of a smartphone ahead of time.

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