Pinterest Donates $300,000 to Struggling Hospitality Workers

The pandemic that the world is currently going through seems to have affected every single industry, and the hospitality sector might the hardest hit. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that people can’t really go out anymore which means that restaurants and especially hotels are failing to get the kind of success that they require in order to sustain their businesses in a way that would be long term or even short term since we are talking about pure survival now.

The tech industry has actually been doing really well during this pandemic due to the reason that people are stuck at home and can’t do much else apart from stream TV shows and movies and scroll through social media. Hence, in order to offset this to a certain extent, Pinterest is launching a new initiative that it is referring to as “Chefs at Home”, and this will feature a lot of content from chefs such as recipes as well as kitchen practices. This makes sense since people are cooking at home a lot more now and this means that this type of content will help sustain a lot of chefs that might be out of work as well as give people another distraction from the terrible situation that we all are currently in.

Pinterest is also donating a total of $300,000 to a variety of hospitality based organizations as well as to raise awareness for the situation. People are out of work and many don’t know when they would be able to get jobs again if they ever manage to get jobs at all, and this is something that can really improve things for them since it would give them some much needed cash which they can potentially end up doing in order to at the very least temporarily manage all of their finances.

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