Google taps in the Shopping brigade

Google has a new project in his hands – to make your shopping experience better. Currently, the search giant is experimenting with a video shopping platform that will show new products to the customers in less than 90 seconds.

The project is titled ‘Shoploop’ and is part of Google’s internal R&D division that is responsible for testing out new ideas.

According to Shoploop’s founder, the idea of the shopping platform was conjured after seeing the common behavior of consumer’s when making an online purchase. For example, potential consumers often go back and forth between social media networks such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for reviews – before actually making the final purchase.

With Shoploop, the customers will get an interactive platform where they will be able to watch videos of creators showing off various products. Initially, Shoploop will launch products related to the beauty industry and expand according to the audience’s demand.

Of course, integrating videos with eCommerce is not a novel idea. Others have done it in the past and Shoploop will be joining the bandwagon.

For example, Amazon has a live streaming platform called the Amazon Live. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram also launched their own version of video-shopping with links to product pages.

There are also many mobile shopping startups that have embraced video. This includes Dote that was able to raise $12 million last year and Popshop Live that raised $3 million in January. Other shopping platforms that integrate videos along with photos include NTWRK, Yeay, Spin, Bambuser, MikMak, and Buywith – to name a few.

If successful, Shoploop can prove to be an important asset for Google. With Amazon’s ad business on the rise, Google has been working on ways to enhance its Shopping vertical – and the adoption of Shoploop is a good start.

Shoploop is available on mobile at A desktop version for the same is under production.

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