Office 365 Gets New Plus Addressing Feature for Email

Microsoft has managed to attain a consistent level of success over the years but a lot of that success has been contingent on Windows being the most popular operating system out there. In order to diversify Microsoft has offered a lot of other services and many of them have succeeded such as, cloud services and social networking platform known as LinkedIn, however the tech giant that was once at the pinnacle of the tech industry has now been superseded by the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple.

Hence, as a result of the fact that this is the case Microsoft has tried expanding its services even further, often by introducing features that other big tech companies have already been offering but in a package that its own loyalists would appreciate. One of the newest features that it is adding to the mix is to Office 365, and it is calling it “plus addressing”. This is basically a way to create disposable email addresses that would link to your main email, and make it easier to sort through emails because you would have different “plus addresses” that you would add by putting in a plus sign and a suffix to your regular one, and you can assign different addresses for different tasks.

This is not the first time a feature like this has been offered. Google was the first to offer this in the form of subaddressing. However, this is a feature that was not really a part of Office 365 up until this point in time, which is important to note. While it is true that Microsoft is still playing catch up in a lot of ways, it still has a lot of dedicated users as well as people that might want to switch over from Google because of the various controversies the tech giant is involved in. Having features like this available means that people would get a comparable experience.

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