New Leak Reveals Facebook’s Goal of a Singular Messaging App

Facebook really started to take off when it acquired big platforms such as Instagram as well as WhatsApp which might have been its single biggest buy but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that after it made all of these acquisitions it slowly and methodically began to work towards the goal of taking away the things that made these platforms unique and making it so that it can unify as many of its services as possible into a single service or possibly even a single app.

One thing that it might have too many of is messaging services. People can send each other messages through Facebook Messenger, Instagram’s DM feature as well as WhatsApp. It was made pretty clear early on that one thing that Facebook would want to try and integrate were these messaging apps and features, and while WhatsApp has more or less become a pretty separate entity with Facebook holding back on the branding apart from a simple declaration that it is Facebook property, the integration of Messenger and Instagram’s services was something that was thought to be more or less inevitable.

It turns out that a recent leak that was brought about by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, and he basically discovered privacy policies that reflect that this integration has already started happening. You might soon be able to message people on Instagram from Messenger and vice versa, and you have a few options about where you want to receive messages that you get that aren’t directly from the app that you might currently be using. While it is currently unknown whether or not Facebook would want to integrate both of these services into a single app since doing so would be tricky since their users often don’t want the same things, it is quite likely that this would be the way the social media giant ends up going about things.

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