Facebook Now Allows You To Instantly Share Your Screen over Messenger Video Calls On iOS and Android Devices

Video calling has become a lot more important during the pandemic than it once used to be, and several tech companies doing extra efforts to make things easier for users. We have seen huge changes in the video calling space, and now Facebook is adding another feature to its messaging app Messenger. Facebook Messenger is now getting the option of screen sharing on iOS as well as Android operating system.

The company has extended the screen sharing feature which was previously only available on the web and desktop Messenger app. On Thursday, Facebook announced that users will be able to share their screen over Messenger video calls. Nora Micheva, Product Manager at Facebook, stated in a blog post that the screen sharing option allows users to instantly share their displays with their friends and family members one-on-one or in a group video conversation with up to 8 participants, and up to 16 participants in Messenger Rooms while using the Messenger app on their iOS and Android smartphones.

The new feature is currently in the process of going live and will soon be rolled out in the Messenger apps for Android as well as iOS device. The development of the new feature was accelerated mainly due to the social isolation that people have been experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic. It is believed that this is the perfect time to roll out this feature.

Micheva wrote in the blog post that screen sharing allows users to share a live view of their display so users can share virtually anything together. With this feature, users can share memories from their camera rolls, shop together online, and more. She stated that the new feature makes it easier for users to stay connected and close with their friends and family members, even when they are physically apart.

Facebook plans to add controls for who can share their display in Messenger Rooms. The company is also planning to expand the number of participants users can share their screen with to fifty. If you are a Room creator, Facebook will soon allow you to limit the ability of screen sharing to only yourself, or make it available to people in a group video conversation.

Facebook is not the only company that is trying to work on developing a better experience for users as several companies in the past have taken steps to promote video calling on a much higher level, and giving it more priority. Nora Micheva also wrote in the blog post that the company hopes that users will find this new feature a fun and engaging way to connect as well as share with their loved ones on video conversations and in Rooms.

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