Messenger Rooms Users Will Now Be Able To Broadcast Their Call Session Live On Facebook

In the last few months of the pandemic, if there has been one clear cut winner when it comes to video calling then that has to be Zoom. People have been loving it connect with others for work or personal talk. Gone are the days when the world used to talk about Skyping or Hangsouting really?

As Facebook doesn’t like other companies dominating a bit too much in the tech space, therefore the social media giant has brought a new feature in its recently released Messenger Rooms that will now let the user broadcast the Room chat live in Groups, on Pages or your personal profile as well.

For those of you who haven’t used Messenger Room till date, it is a video chat software by Facebook in which you can create a call by inviting up to 50 people through a link. The guests don’t even need to have Messanger or a Facebook account.

The parent company first launched “Rooms” at the end of April with an intention to compete with the idea of Houseparty - which was on the hike in the initial days of coronavirus. But as Facebook realized the criticism that Zoom had to face (partly because of a growth in user rate way beyond expectations) they thought of changing the shape of Rooms to a video calling software and a demo of that first came out in June.

There are certain complications involved in the new feature of broadcasting the Room sessions which users need to understand. The host will still have the major control of inviting up to 50 people on a call through the link and if required then only he can control when to remove people from the call. However, for further ease of the participants, when the Room goes “Live” they can still choose to join or leave on their own will as well if they don’t want to be a part of the broadcasted session.

For now, there are also no clear stats given by Facebook on how many people are using Messenger Rooms to date but the feature is definitely bound to create an incremental engagement in the times to come. Users are already streaming Zoom calls on Facebook Live so why not let Messenger Rooms do the job for you?

The feature has been already rolled out in limited parts of the world and will soon go global once Facebook is sure that people are finding it helpful. While this is still a work-in-progress thing, Facebook has also said that they are working on more news features that will arrive soon.

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