Study: Instagram Stories Are Reaching More People

Conviva recently published its third yearly Instagram Stories Benchmark Report. The report, as usual, was concerned with examining user engagement insights related to Instagram Stories falling into four categories i.e. brands, entertainment, media, and sports.

Over 920 authentic Instagram accounts and over 28K Instagram-Stories uploaded on the media-sharing service in Q1 2020 were studied by Conviva. These results were then compared to their 2019 counterpart.

It was revealed that accounts dedicated to posting “sports” content secured the highest Story completion rate (90 percent). On the other hand, the most improvement in this sector was recorded by the “entertainment” category, which went up from 81 percent to 88 percent in a matter of a year.
Stickers have become an integral part of Instagram Stories as Instagram rolled out new sticker functionality at a rapid pace in 2020.
Another interesting finding from Conviva’s study was that the average count of Stories uploaded on a weekly basis declined across all four categories this year. Moreover, on an average, the number of frames per Story also declined across every single category excluding “Brands”, which recorded an average increase from 5.2 to 5.5 frames per Story.
"Accounts with under 50k followers have very similar reach rates, however, reach rate declines significantly for accounts that have higher than 50k followers as they continue to grow."

Conviva also discovered that the average reach rate, taking all four categories into account, went up from 6.7 percent to 7 percent over the span of a year. While “media” witnessed a 1.1 percent decline in its average reach rate, the other three categories recorded impressive year-to-year increases in the same.

You can read the full report to discover several other interesting findings by Conviva.

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