Instagram is Experimenting With Animated Story Text

It’s been a couple of years since Instagram as well as its parent company Facebook have begun incorporating more and more ideas into Stories. This has been quite successful at supplanting the social media platform that actually invented this feature, Snapchat, and has made users prefer Instagram and Facebook over Snapchat for this particular feature since they provide a lot more functionality and can be used for more things.

The social media juggernauts are still quite focused on improving Stories, though, and Instagram in particular often makes a few changes here and there to increase the emphasis that is placed on Stories so that more and more people would start using them and consumers who might prefer other platforms would slowly be enticed into figuring out the best way to make the most of this feature and try it out at the very least.

One new feature that is being tested on Instagram Stories is animated text. According to Alessandro Paluzzi (an app researcher) Instagram, this time, experimenting with a lot of different animation styles for each font type to make text more eye-catching. The social media platform has been trying very hard for quite some time now to make text more engaging so that influencers as well as average users that are utilizing this service might just be able to figure out a way in which they could potentially end up getting the message across through text in a way that would be easier for people to concentrate on.

There are currently quite a few different kinds of animated text that people seem to be looking into, and this is the sort of thing that can have a pretty solid impact on the number of people that are using Stories at any given point in time all in all. It will be interesting to see where Instagram goes with this because of the fact that this is a direction that might change the way Stories are used and can end up being a permanent change as well.

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