Instagram Shop is Getting a Revamp

Facebook has been quite serious about moving into the world of eCommerce and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that the social media platform has so many users that it already serves as a middle man for between them and online shopping platforms that it just makes a lot more sense that they cut out the middle man and try to provide the requisite eCommerce services by themselves. The social media giant has been using its subsidiary Instagram in order to fulfill this end, but for the most part their efforts have been more or less lackluster. The current shop tab is pretty drab and dry, but with all of that having been said it is important to note that there is an update that is now being rolled out that is going to revamp the shop tab entirely.

Instead of just being a tab that is relegated to a corner where no one is really going to end up paying all that much attention to it, the shop tab is going have a carousel of products as well as selections of products that are going to be recommended to each individual user based on their prior buying history. This is most likely going to help out with a lot of things including making Instagram Shop the sort of thing that a lot more people might just end up being a little bit interested in using to a certain extent.

A shortcut to this section is also being added to the navigation bar, something that would definitely indicate that Facebook is very serious indeed about pushing Instagram Shop and making it so that as many people end up using it as possible at the end of the day.
"For purchases you make with checkout, we’re rolling out Facebook Pay in the coming weeks in the US. Announced last year, Facebook Pay will provide a seamless, secure way to shop and make donations to causes you care about across our apps.", posted Instagram team in a blog post. Adding further, "It features an extra layer of security with the ability to add a unique PIN or device biometrics, such as Touch or Face ID. We also provide Purchase Protection on eligible products that you buy using checkout."
We will have to wait and see what other steps Facebook takes in order to meet this end.

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