Google Reportedly Adds Nearly 2 Dozen Insects Including Stag Beetle, Atlas Beetle, and More To Its AR-based 3D Animals Collection

Earlier this year, Google introduced several animals to its AR 3D search results, and the list includes eagles, sharks, lions, horses, and more. Around four months later, the company today has added a number of creepy insects to its growing list of 3D animals that includes cats, tigers, and even dinosaurs.

The 23 creepy crawlies included in the list today includes several beetles including rhinoceros beetle, atlas beetle, Hercules beetle, stag beetle, shining ball scarab beetle, giant stag, Miyama stag beetle, and jewel beetle. Furthermore, Google has also added brown cicada, periodical cicada, evening cicada, Walker’s cicada, robust cicada, atlas moth, mantis, dragonfly, grasshopper, hornet, ladybug, swallowtail butterfly, and more, reported The Verge.

These insects appear large in size as compared to their natural size when you view them on your smartphone in 3D. However, the company has included a feature that allows users to pinch in to reduce or increase the size of these 3D insects. If you want to use this feature, you will first have to open the Google Search app on your smartphone.

Now, type the name of the particular insect that you want to view in 3D on your device. Lastly, you only need to scroll down the page and tap on the button that says ‘View in 3D.’ You will then be able to view a giant insect in your room through your smartphone. Pinch in to adjust the size of the 3D creature to make to look more realistic.

You can also hear the noises of these insects on Android-powered smartphones which adds dose of realism. You may also note that the functionally is not supported by all smartphones because of the absence of Google AR Core’s support. If you want to use the functionality, you must have an AR Core-supported smartphone with up-to-dated operating systems, or an iOS 11 or up device on the Apple’s iPhone side.

All the latest iPhones support the functionality including iPhone X, iPhone 11 series, iPhone 8, 7, 6 series, and lastly, iPhone SE. Discussing Android smartphones that support this feature, the list includes Google Pixel phones, ROG smartphones of Asus, Galaxy A, S and Note series offered by Samsung, and more. In May, Google 3D Viewer also added the ability to slide up the bottom sheet to reveal a carousel of more animals or ‘related models.’

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