According to Apple these are the best iPad and iPhone apps you can download

Recently, Apple unveiled the best apps for its iPhones and iPads, and here are the winner apps.

Apple unveiled its best eight apps of the year 2020 through the Apple Design Awards which is a part of an annual developer conference named WWDC 2020 and along with the release of best apps, we also received insight on the iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and so many more new updates soon to be launched by the platform during this year.

According to the list released by Apple, the best apps include categories of productivity and creativity apps along with the best of the game apps included in the list as well.

Just so you know, not all the apps on the list are new so we think that the best design awards are given based on the improvements in apps by new updates and the best game apps were all released within the past year and two of the best game apps are also a part of Apple Arcade.

Below is the list of the apps that won the Apple Design Awards.

Best apps of the year

The first best app on the list of Apple Design Awards is Shapr 3D which is a drawing app with assistance from the computer and is used for iPads to create 3D drawings and is basically used by designers and artists as a go-to tool without the need of an actual computer.

The second best app is also an iPad-only app named Looom which is used to create hand-drawn animation and particularly used in looping animations and users can use Apple Pencil or even finger to sketch and animate via this app.

Even though. Sibelius is considered as a computer program to write music but according to the Apple Design Awards 2020, it seems that app named StaffPad plays a similar role for the tablets and enables the users to hand-write notation and later on edit it further and according to above apps it’s also available only on iPad.

The last app with the best creativity is actually available on iPad and iPhone as well named Darkroom which is a photo editing app and has been popular among users for a while now. If you look at it, it is pretty much simple as compared to Photoshop, and that's the main feature of this app that anyone can make great-looking artistic pictures easily via this app.

Best Game apps of the year

According to the list provided by Apple, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a Flagship Apple Arcade game and is now the first game app in the list of Apple Design Awards 2020. This game provides its user an arcade action along with very aesthetic vibes and some strong music element too,

The second-best game of the year is a non-Apple Arcade game named Song of Bloom and if you take a look at it, it is difficult to explain the likes of these apps as compared to others because it’s a puzzle game and users have to think outside the box to finish the variety of puzzles.

The combination of a cartoonish art style along with oblique narrative focus and a little gameplay, the typical Apple Arcade game named Cards Fall won the hearts of the people as its giving users the experience of reliving memories of the American high school and you can check it on the app store.

If you’re a lover of the game named Journey on the PS3 then this final award-winning app named Sky: Children of the light is definitely for you because it is made by the same developer and also displays a lot of common features with its predecessor as you can explore a big cartoon world with it along with strong multiplayer focus. you can check this app on your app store.

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