Google One confounding users by offering backups up to 15GB, new iOS app will be in the market soon

Google, continuing to benefits its users have now announced, a free service that allows users to back up users' devices and clean all the junk data counting photos, drive, and Gmail with a newly assigned iPhone app.

Two years ago, when Google Drive got replaced with Google One for restructuring storage plans, offering up to 15 GB of free storage, along with a subscription for $1.99 onward for extra storage with additional access to live support service.

With the following update, as per Google, a new storage manager tool will be soon available to help you manage your data. The tool will only work with Google properties and help you find files and emails with large attachments, it will also be handing all the photos and videos on your phone. This service will now be available for any anyone with Google One app, you don’t have to be a member to get access to this new tool, regardless of its iOS or Android.

It’s definitely clear that Google is trying to reassure more users in getting associated with their program as 15 GB is worth nothing while trying to back up years of photos and videos, once you start the backup process you will hit 15 GB soon and will consider updating to Google One membership.

It might just be a good strategy to attract users but the app will be benefiting users by cutting their work of handling data and backup storage to half, saving users plenty of time by detecting files with junk, emails with unnecessary attachments and not to mention automatic backup.

As of now Google One will soon be available for iOS Beforehand, every iPhone was limited to upgrade via Google photos app or Google Drive, soon the will be getting access to their own Google One mobile app, granting them direct contact and allowing them to manage their membership and back up their data.

Google spokesperson mentioned during an interview that, iPhone app won’t be granted automatic back up options like Android, they would have the press the backup button repeatedly.

It might be clear that Google mentioned that the app will do work better on android then iOS but He also suggested that Google will be soon working on advancing the iPhone app in possible future, indicating that Google will continue working on iOS benefiting iPhone users and users will keep experiences new updates time to time.

Google claimed, that new Google One app will be soon available in the app store.

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