Google News App Gets New Section for Local Covid-19 News Content

Google News is an app that is essentially Google’s attempts to diversify the range of services it offers. We pretty much Google a lot of our news these days anyway, so it is understandable that the tech giant would be branching out into a news app of its very own, a separate app that can be used to help people better understand the world around them. With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note that a lot of the time when you go to the Google News app you are probably going to see news that is of a global nature.

This can be a problem particularly in this current day and age during which the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc with people’s lives and making it more or less impossible to truly understand what is going on. Hence, the Google News app is now getting a section that is dedicated not just to covid-19 news, but covid-19 news that has been provided by local sources so that people can get a better understanding of what the disease might be doing in their own backyard.

This local news would involve timelines that would help you better understand when the schools and businesses in your area might be open again for you and your children to go to, as well as a number of other resources like the number of cases in your area along with donations that you can make in order to make it so that you can help those that are in need during these trying times.

Google is an important source of information for people so it is a good sign to see that the tech company is trying to make it so that the news and information that people get will be pertinent to their current situations.

Source: Google.

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