Beta Versions of WhatsApp Now Have Animated Stickers

One of the most popular features on WhatsApp, as well as most other platforms that deal with communication, is stickers. Using stickers can help make the conversations that you are having a lot more lively, and they can enable you to add a bit of your own personality into the mix as well instead of just relying on dry text which usually doesn’t do a lot to carry tone across and can therefore make everything that you are saying seem a bit emotionless to the person that you are saying it to.

According to WABI the beta versions of new WhatsApp updates incorporate something new into the mix, namely animated stickers. These stickers will be somewhat like GIFs, and there will be a number of different types of them that would be available for people to use if they were to buy them from the WhatsApp store. WhatsApp would also allow you to buy stickers that have been made by third parties, although it’s fair to say that this feature would be somewhat restricted if you were to use the app on iOS devices since Apple doesn’t really let its users download apps from third party platforms and the like.

Since this feature is now available on WhatsApp’s beta versions, this means that it is going through a final round of testing and chances are that it might just be coming to the stable version of WhatsApp quite soon once a few tweaks have been made. The texts don’t move automatically for example, and this is a problem that makes these animated stickers somewhat less effective than what we have seen on other Facebook owned platforms although this is most likely something that would be handled quite soon. WhatsApp is basically testing the new features to see what potential problems would arise, and once these problems have been fixed regular users who use a stable version of WhatsApp would be able to use this feature too.

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